Homemade Noodles

Whenever we visit my mom Ellie always looks forward to “laolao’s” good cooking.  My mom always seems to be able to mix up some dough and make noodles in a matter of minutes.  Now that I’ve tried it myself, I realized that it really is that easy to make noodles at home.  You don’t need a pasta maker or any fancy machinery, all you need are three ingredients and some elbow grease.  This is also a really kid-friendly recipe.


Just take flour, pour as much as you’d think you need for the serving size that you want into a large bowl.  Crack an egg into it.  Add some salt.  Start by pouring a little water and mix everything.  Keeping adding water a little at a time until all the dry flour can be compressed together.  If you’ve added too much water just compensate with a little more flour.  The dough is done once it’s kneadable and not too mushy, the sides of the bowl should be clean and not stuck with gooey dough or dry flour.  Cover the bowl for half an hour, then give it another round of kneading and it should be good to go!  (Waiting allows the dough to properly bond.  You can also re-cover and wait another 15-30 minutes and knead it again, and keep repeating this process.  Each time the dough should be even more smooth and springy.)

For the noodles, generously sprinkle the working surface with flour.  Roll the dough as thin as you’d like.  Roll up the sheet of dough and slice into thin sections with a sharp knife.

That’s all there is to making the freshest, most chewy and tender noodles ever!


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