Halloween 2017

Since we were traveling in Asia last year during Halloween, I felt like I really needed to make up for missing out on my favorite holiday. I had a few ideas all lined up: Ellie as Spock, Ellie as Harry Potter, and Ellie as various woodland creatures.

But in my heart of hearts, I really wanted Ellie to go as Boo from Monsters Inc. Not only does she already embody the character to her 2 year old core, but she really looks like a real life Boo when I put her hair up in pigtails. However, when I ran all the ideas by her, the only one that stuck was the deer, mainly because it’s the only one that she actually recognizes, and also because she actually likes wearing her old deer romper.  I don’t feel up to the task of trying to convince a toddler that an over-sized t-shirt and leggings is a cooler costume than a deer romper.

Boo captures the essence of a bubbly, curious, mischievous little toddler girl so well that I’m sure all mothers of little girls will see a bit of their own child in her.  So I’m content in knowing that this year Ellie will indeed be going as Boo-in-a-deer-romper.

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