Settling In

It’s been two months to the day since we’ve moved into our new house.  Our “new” house is actually a small and very old house with a lot to love, crooked walls and slanted floors and all.  My favorite thing are all the beautiful old windows in every room of the house that look out on green.  The house is surrounded by lemon trees, persimmon trees, and a towering apple tree (probably the tallest apple tree I’ve ever seen) that is laden with hundreds of apples.

Shortly after we moved in we’ve adopted a kitten named Mr.Darcy from the Berkeley Humane Society.  Although a self-proclaimed experienced “cat lady”, I’ve never had a male cat before.  So far Mr.Darcy has already chewed and punctured all my books and plants with his teeth and claws and even peed in my big potted fig tree.  I’m already resigned to the loss of many worldly possessions in exchange for his Harley bike purrs and face nuzzles.