Lake Alpine Camping Trip

Lake Alpine is of my favorite summer stomping grounds and I have many fond memories of jumping into the icy, snow-melt waters.  This year we finally returned with Ellie, and our friends Mitchell and Lesley and their two little children Henry and Esme.  It was a lively campsite indeed, with Henry’s ringing voice asking a million Why’s and Ellie shadowing his every move.  Esme or “Baby Moomoo” crawled around and snuck rocks into her mouth when she thinks no one is looking.

It was a relaxing and fun camping trip, and it was especially refreshing to see the kids experience their first campfire and smores.  Even though it wasn’t Ellies first rodeo by far, on a scale of 1 to 10 she is still like an 11 in excitement when it comes to marshmallows and chocolate.

Although it was our friends first time camping with kids (it actually may have been their first time camping ever), I was the one taking notes from them.  I feel so fortunate to spend time around people I consider “parent goals”.  They seem to have infinite patience, are firm but kind, and treat their toddler and baby with a lot of respect.  Even though not everything went smoothly and perfectly according to plan on this trip, the way our friends handled each situation with grace and patience was truly inspiring.  I’m once again convinced that what makes traveling with kids not only possible, but enjoyable, is your attitude.


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