Portrait of a Little Girl on Her Second Birthday

You are two, my little dream.

Your favorite foods are ice cream “eye-cream!”, tofu “fufu!”, and my moms handmade noodles.
You love to the read the letters on the keyboard but always say “bubble” when you get to “O”.
You’re scared of big dogs, and call small dogs cats.
There really isn’t a time when you’re not singing or dancing, or both.
You think your poop is hilarious.
You can count to 10 in two languages.
You can talk in whole sentences…in two languages!
You love to build legos and trains with baba, and do puzzles and sing with mama, and you always, always want to read books.
You throw some frightful tantrums when you’re hangry or tired.
You put on your goofiest smile when you’re trying to get out of trouble with me–and it works!


Happy 2nd birthday my darling, I love you so much!

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