October Walks

As the weather finally turned cool, and the nasty cloud of forest fire haze blew off, Ellie and I got outdoors as fast as we could, feeling a bit like freed prisoners squinting in the sunlight.  We went to our favorite gardens and hillside trails and filled our lungs with crisp fresh air.  I find endless amusement in our little walks.  Ellie often runs ahead in her little funny gallop, but she’s very attentive and curious whenever I point out any interesting flora to her.  And she remembers every last detail.  Sometimes she would be the one narrating, stringing together new sentences with her growing vocabulary.  Her joy is so pure and contagious, I wish I can bottle it up and save some for my darker days.

I look forward so much to watching the leaves change colors with her this year.  And we are probably going to start a jar of squirrel food, collecting her leftover crackers and bread.  That will really take it up a notch on our walks.


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