Goodbye September

Hello October.

School was probably as big of an adjustment for me as it was for Ellie.  Suddenly our house got a lot quieter and feels a bit lonelier with Ellie gone most of the day.  I feel a new urgency to work and create, yet somehow the hours slip away and before I know it it’s time to pick Ellie up and the mad rush of activities and play and dinner making begins until bedtime.

The first few days of school Ellie cried and everyday when I go pick her up, she is one of two or three kids who’s on rotation for the coveted spot on top of teacher’s lap.  But by the week’s end, she seems to have adapted.  Although she doesn’t volunteer much information about her day, I can tell that she has made friends.  One little girl always happily shouts “Ellie!!!!” when Ellie arrives at school in the morning.  Ellie told me once or twice that her friend Cleo hugged her or sang her a song, or that her best friend is Sophia.  I even catch a few boys always shyly hanging around her after school.

By the second week she is skipping and twirling when I go pick her up.  At home she would sing French songs to herself on an infinite loop.  It’s hard to get her to tell me what the words actually mean and I’m lost beyond “Bonjour” and “Merci”.  Even though she still complains almost every morning about going to school, I believe she secretly loves it.  Yesterday was a school holiday and I took Ellie to the zoo.  Although we had a fun day together, I can tell she actually misses school because she would start chatting about what she does at school, or what her teachers have taught her, or who her friends were–all unprompted.  I’m so relieved and so happy for her.

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