Fall in the Sierras

Last week we spent a couple of days recharging in the Sierras and accidentally stepped into Rivendell. The aspens are just about to enter their prime fall state and their yellows and oranges were stunning to look at against a beautiful blue sky. It’s sad how I will never take a blue sky for granted again after this year.

Charlie the Adventure dog lived up to his name. He was a champ and hiked on pretty tough trails average 5 miles a day for three days straight. To see him sleep at the end of a day makes it clear to me where the phrase “dog tired” comes from. Of course, E did an amazing job as well despite some minor complaining here and there. On our last hike she started a game where we kept making up rhymes about Charlie or camping and that made the last mile or two go by really fast. I was really proud that she was able to do 5 miles all by herself. It’s the first year that she wasn’t able to be carried by my husband at some point on the hike. She is really getting stronger!

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