A Garden Grows in LA

Somehow it always feels like a vacation when we “escape” the fog of the Bay Area and come down to visit my parents in LA.  The sun doesn’t hide around here and it’s always the perfect temperature for splash pads, pools, and the beach.  All of which are on our to-do list.  We ended the trip with an extra special Disneyland visit as an early birthday present.


But the best thing about coming back to LA is enjoying laolao’s garden.  This time of year, the garden is lush with life.  We have jujubes, beans, cucumbers, black berries, plums, cherry tomatoes, goji berries, red amaranth, sweet potato leaves, and grapes.  Ellie has the very important task of helping to water the plants, and herself, every evening.

LA-008LA-007new LA-001

LA-015LA-014new LA-002LA-010



new LA-004new LA-007new LA-009new LA-011

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