While my husband was busy at a conference, Ellie and I decided to spend the day at DisneySea.  It was probably the most exquisite theme park I’ve ever been to.  I already know that Disney is famous for its attention to detail but DisneySea really blew me away with it.  Ellie’s favorite part of the park was the Mermaid Lagoon, a large indoor playground and mini-theme park.  She solidified her obsession with mermaids, especially Ariel, after seeing the amazing live performance.

We didn’t have a game plan and just spent the day wandering around the park at our own pace.  We ended up seeing everything and riding all of the rides that a 3.5 year old can go on.  It was such a fun and relaxing day–imagine saying that about DisneySea with a toddler, but it’s true!


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