Maui Adventure


There is no adventure without some misadventure.  What an amazing trip we had despite the numerous mishaps–most of which involves puke so I won’t get into it.  Even though traveling is not always rainbows, it is still worth it!  For the majority of our time in Maui, we had an amazing time being close to the most beautiful nature one could experience on Earth.  Everyday we swam in the ocean and could see tons of beautiful coral, fish, and sea turtles.

If anyone is planning a trip I highly recommend using Pacific Whale Foundation for your snorkel or whale boat tours. Their staff is super friendly and passionate and they strive to be eco-friendly. They also educate tourists on fragile marine life such as monk seals, coral, and sea turtles. They took us to the most beautiful and clear snorkeling spot we’ve ever seen in our lives. All their profits go to conservation, research and education programs.


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