Snow Days


Last weekend, we packed up our skis and headed to Tahoe for our second trip of the year.  Unlike the first time back in February where we were met with epic snow storms and epic traffic, this past weekend was filled with glorious sunshine and we stayed through Monday to avoid the crowds.

We had a lot of fun this winter traveling, trading our rainy days for snow days in the Oregon Cascades or the French Alps.  But nothing beats our own fresh powder here in California.  This year was a record snow and rain year in California.  The snow was still packed higher than our heads last weekend and it’s almost April.  With a little luck we might be skiing in t-shirts during the 4th of July.


Ellie made incredible progress on skis.  She took her first one-on-one ski lesson in the French Alps and learned to do “pizza”.  Back in Tahoe, she took another group lesson with other little kids and mastered the magic carpet.  We are taking it slow because skiing is all about having fun.  As with any sport, there is a learning curve, but once we become more comfortable then we can really start to enjoy it.  I’m just starting to feel comfortable on the blues and for the first time ever, I find myself looking forward to the runs feeling excited and not fearful.  I’m sure Ellie will get there one day soon and then leave me behind to ski the black diamonds.  For now I’m just enjoying watching her in ski school, looking even tinier than tiny in the distance shuffling along on her little skis.



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