Tea at sketch.

Entering sketch is like stepping into a world where everything really is seen through rose colored glasses.  But the best part was the David Shrigley gallery whose twisted humor made me chuckle as I sip my tea from a dainty tea cup.

So even though the plush velvet decor may suggest this place is very fancy, the art seems to say that they don’t really take themselves that seriously.  Or so we thought until we somehow smudged some chocolate on the velvet chair and watched, very embarrassed, as the waiter and manager scrubbed and huffed over it.  Oops.  But they do like kids at sketch–not only do they have tea menu for kids but each kid is given a teddy with a sketch-customized sweater as a gift at the end.  Sweet!  I will definitely be coming back to check out their other gallery dining rooms.

Photos by me and Stella Yang Photography.

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