This year the snow made our trip to the Sierras both challenging and fun. We got to go sledding and have snow ball fights, but the deep snow made following the trail difficult. We had to do some tracking using the GPS on our phone and had to backtrack often, soaking our socks and pants in almost knee-deep snow. At the end of our hikes, the scenery was breathtaking and awe-inspiring at every turn.

Ellie, used to being carried in the pack since she was a baby, was a reluctant hiker. She required a lot of bribes, lavish praise, and no shortage of threats to just walk a few yards. It’s tough to argue the benefits of walking by oneself when the alternative is being carried up the hill.  There were moments where she bounded ahead of us though, forgetting herself in the beautiful surroundings.  I’ll chalk that up as a win for nature.


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