Japan Revisited

All the trees around here have been blooming since January, because California goes from fall directly to spring. Plum, cherry, peach, and the slightly more unsubtle magnolia blossoms add joy and color to our daily walks. Ellie always points at the plum or cherry blossoms and say “Look mama! Cherry blossoms! Just like Japan!” I don’t really believe that Ellie has memories of our trip to Japan when she was just 9 months old, but I do think she has constructed some memories from watching the video I’ve made of our trip so many times. She requests to watch them almost everyday and not going to lie, I feel really proud that my home video is right up there with Daniel Tiger episodes.

Recently, I decided to re-edit the video and cut it into three shorter videos for each leg of our trip. This project was truly a joy because digging through the archives of video clips and photos unearthed some old gems that make my heart swell. These videos reanimate baby Ellie in my mind and bring back memories of not just traveling in Japan and around the world with her, but of our everyday moments at home.

If you’re interested in visiting Japan during cherry blossom season, or anytime of the year, you can check out my Japan diaries for some more photos and tips.

The rest of my Japan vlogs can be found here.

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