First Haircut

Ellie had been requesting a haircut “in a haircut store” for quite a while now, so a few days ago we went to a hair salon to get her first professional haircut.  I found a cute little shop that caters specifically to children.  The waiting area is filled with books and toys.  Each station has it’s only little TV set and a big collection of cartoons.  Fifteen quick minutes and one Peppa Pig episode later, Ellie emerges with her new bob, looking simultaneously bigger and more childish.  It’s like she no longer looks like an overgrown baby with wild baby hair, but the mature bob makes her face look more innocent and young in contrast.

There were a few tense moments when the hair dryer appeared, but there were definitely more smiles than my pictures captured.  I ended up not liking a lot of the photos I took because the fluorescent lighting in the shop caused ugly banding to appear in all the photos, something I didn’t notice until later.  This first salon visit made such a great first impression on Ellie it might just mark the end of my home bang-trims, and I’m selfishly sad about that, because I personally feel that Ellie can rock an ugly haircut so, so adorably.

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