Baby’s First Halloween (Last Year)

Homemade hydrangea costume and a cute little ladybug outfit we found in a secondhand shop.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday ever since I moved to the US when I was six and experienced my first trick-or-treating.  From then on, the dressing up part was almost perfunctory, it was all about the mountains of free candy that I can cart home from trick-or-treating.  
After I had Ellie, my interest in costumes was kindled back up.  If there was anything cuter than a baby, it was a baby in a ridiculous costume.  
Last year at Halloween, Ellie was only two months old, and I had her in three costumes.  (Well, the dumpling costume was a failed DYI) This year we will be in Hong Kong during Halloween.  I’m a bit bummed that we might not get to dress up, so I’m looking back at these pictures from last year and remembering the fun we’ve had.  

Zombie Carebears

Ellie wasn’t scared of us in our ghoulish makeup despite the hilarity of this photo.  I remember she was extremely fussy during photo time which coincided with nap time.

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