One Year

They say that with kids the days are long but the years are short.  How true this feels as we celebrated Ellie’s first birthday with memories of those midnight feedings and diaper changes still fresh in our minds.  It still blows my mind to think that in just a year and 9 months a clump of cells turned into this little girl who has the sweetest gap-toothed smile and shakes her booty to Creedence Clearwater Revival.

With parenting, just when you feel like you’ve made it over the hump (she’s finally sleeping through the night!), you realize it was only the first hump of many (now she’s teething).  The first year of being parents can especially feel like a rather thankless job–half of the time she basically sees you as a walking milk bar and poop wiper.  Looking back at the past year as first-time parents to say that it was hard would be the years biggest understatement.  I think we deserve to celebrate not only our baby’s milestones, but also our hard work.  After all, Ellie had little to do with her own survival this past 12 months of her life.  🙂


What I’ve learned the most in my first year of motherhood is to forgive myself.

It’s ok if you don’t bathe your baby everyday.
It’s ok to have a love-hate relationship with breastfeeding.
It’s ok if your baby doesn’t look like the Michelin man.
It’s ok to still be afraid of cutting your baby’s nails.
It’s ok if you have to eat ice cream every night to deal with the day.
It’s ok to give your baby ice cream.
It’s ok if you body doesn’t “bounce back” right away, or ever.  You are beautiful, mama, and your body is amazing not for what it looks like but for what it is capable of.


It’s ok to miss your old life sometimes.
It’s ok to poop in front of your baby, she does it in front of you all the time.
It’s ok to call your baby an asshole.
It’s ok to spend a ridiculous amount of money on baby clothes because your baby is basically your life-size doll.
It’s ok to dress your baby up i n hand-me-down clothes of the opposite sex.
It’s ok to PDA all day long with your baby.
It’s ok to take a million selfies with your baby.
It’s ok to feel like you can never get enough cuddles and hugs and kisses.
It’s ok to let yourself be changed by her.
It’s ok if your love is imperfect.
Because mama, it’s ok.  We’re doing fine.  The kids will be alright.  The kids will be alright.
We had a great day last weekend celebrating Ellie’s birthday at the Little Farm in Tilden.  I really enjoyed putting together the party spread on a budget, getting almost everything from the Dollar Tree, Daiso, and the dollar section at Target.  Check out more pictures from the party below:






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