Japan vlogs.

This town definitely has a country feel to it coming from Tokyo and Kyoto, but that’s what I liked about it as well. The main attraction here is the sprawling Nara park, which is home to hundreds of semi-tame deer that will pester you for crackers. They are not shy about taking food from you so you might get nudged from behind or nibbled on the leg by an especially rude deer. The park is also littered with cherry blossoms, are it’s a relaxing place to just hang out and people watch. There are also a bunch of Shinto shrines, some tucked away in the hillside. We went to a few as it was getting dark and the whole place was practically deserted–I really felt as if I might be spirited away there.

Jizo, guardian of souls, especially those of children or unborn children.

My Snow White photo op, right before I got swarmed by three more very aggro deer.


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